Construction Careers at Power House Plastering

Build a Career in Construction

Graduation season is quickly approaching and many young adults are contemplating the next step in their journey. They may be asking themselves what kind of life they will establish. They may be wondering if there is a way to start a career right away, learning as they go.  We would like to invite those seekers to consider construction as a rewarding career option.

We are the people who power the industry that houses the world. We are up early, work boots on, ready to build a life as we help grow our communities. Each day brings the opportunity to use our skills and expertise to forge a strong sense of accomplishment with hard work.

Construction is booming. We are seeing many new opportunities in our wonderful city. Las Vegas is growing and we are excited to be a part of the expansion!

Are you looking for a career? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Do you like spending time outside? We have a job for you!

Let’s build a life as we build our community!

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