Join the Most Reliable Team in the Construction Industry with Power House Plastering

The Most Reliable Team in the Business

In the past decade, we have been privileged to grow from a local startup into an industry leader. Thanks to our staff’s tireless commitment to quality and proven reliability, Power House Plastering has been able to become a mainstay of Nevada’s construction industry without ever sacrificing our belief in treating clients with the utmost care and professionalism. We believe in order to further our business in 2019 and deliver only the highest-quality of service to our clients, we must continue to develop our team and seek out the most talented workers the industry has to offer. Now is the perfect time to begin your career in the construction industry with Power House Plastering!

The Las Vegas construction industry had a stellar year in 2018, bringing in billions of dollars in project investments and adding thousands of jobs to the community. Aside from the ongoing work on the Las Vegas Stadium and MSG Sphere, there are dozens of major construction projects in-progress throughout the valley. Within the next couple of years, both the Strip and the greater Las Vegas area are expected to take in more business than ever before and reach new heights in terms of entertainment, overall quality, and community growth. We are excited to play a part in Las Vegas’ economic future and honored to represent the local construction industry.

At Power House, we specialize in residential exterior stucco services, which truly takes a team effort and an approach built on reliability, trust, and communication. Construction, more so than just about any other industry, cannot succeed without a cooperative environment and the focus and determination of everyone on the staff. Each project we take on requires a number of processes and positions, including latherers, scaffold setters, general labor, and, of course, plasterers. While our plasterers work directly on the structure and put the finishing touches on each project, our scaffold setters help keep the work site organized and put everything in its proper place; our latherers help shape and install each plastering job, and our general labor team lends assistance every step of the way. Working together safely and encouragingly, we are able to give each project the attention to detail and commitment it demands without ever compromising on quality or integrity. Currently, we are offering the highest rate-per-piece in our company’s history and looking to take on more clients than ever before, and we can’t wait to start working with new teammates who will strive to help Power House serve the Las Vegas community.

If you are looking to join Nevada’s expanding construction industry, we hope you’ll take a look at Power House Plastering and consider becoming a part of the top plastering team in the business. With spring approaching, now is the time to begin a career in construction and beat the summer heat. Call us at (702) 476-9797 for more information or visit our “Careers” page to apply online today.

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