Residential Exterior Stucco Work by Power House Plastering

Residential Plastering and Stucco Repair Done Right

A Proven Team with Proven Results

Staying on-track and motivated in the Las Vegas heat can be a test for even the most experienced construction crews. When it comes to braving the elements and delivering the results clients expect and need, the stucco team at Power House Plastering has proven it is second to none.

Our trained plastering professionals have helped thousands of southern Nevada homes receive the aesthetic and structural care they need, whether in the middle of winter or the dog days of summer. From basic stucco repair assignments to complete home exteriors, our focus always remains on ensuring that we fulfill the client’s order exactly as it was commissioned, with an uncompromising attention to detail and concern for the overall well-being of the home. Not every plastering company is the same! It takes an experienced, disciplined team to overcome the Las Vegas climate, and we have trusted ours to get the job done every day since opening our doors. They have always met and exceeded our expectations, and they have allowed us to become the top plastering company in the Las Vegas area.

Each plastering project requires a well-organized, efficient operation and a crew that can manage its time and physical resources effectively. Plastering and stucco repair are exclusively outdoor processes, making it that much more important for our workers to understand the responsibilities and demands that come with each task and go into the entire project. Consequently, maintaining a safe environment at all times is our principal concern every time we set foot on a construction site. We train our crews to develop strong communication skills in addition to their OSHA-10 education and job-specific orientation, so they can learn to rely not only on the personal skills they have honed but on one another as well. At Power House, every member of our construction team knows and appreciates his or her duty to the client, the jobsite, and everyone else on the team. This ensures a level of cooperation, reliability, and teamwork that is rewarding for any business and absolutely invaluable in the construction industry.

Power House Plastering specializes in residential exterior stucco services, and our crews have been proudly providing quality craftsmanship throughout the Las Vegas area for ten years. We are also fortunate enough to have the best in-office staff in the business, which keeps us running smoothly so clients can get the most out of their experience with Power House. As one of the Southwest’s leading subcontractors, we know that better service is always attainable if you have the right people and the right mindset, and we look forward to sharing our team’s talents with even more local home builders in the next ten years. Call us at (702) 476-9797 to schedule a project with the finest plastering team in Las Vegas.  

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