Stucco Home Project in the Southwest, Power House Plastering

Stucco and the Southwest: A Perfect Match

Why Stucco Companies Were Meant for the Desert

Deciding on the right finish for a new property involves finding a solution that can set the right visual tone and withstand the elements for decades. Stucco companies concentrate most of their efforts on the integrity of the home’s exterior, but stucco carries such a wide range of design possibilities and functionality that homeowners and builders never have to opt for one quality over another. A smooth, attractive finish and whole-home protection come standard with every coat of stucco; that’s part of why stucco ranks as the favored choice among builders and owners, especially those in the Southwest United States. 

In fact, the material has become identified with the American Southwest to such an extent that the first image of a “Southwestern home” one calls to mind is often that of sturdy walls coated in shades of orange and/or brown stucco. However, stucco is by no means limited to any particular color schemes or textures. The material’s natural properties provide for a range of stylistic choices and applications, with options to suit any structure, aesthetic, or environment. Additionally, stucco does a great job of covering up just about any material used in a home’s construction, from concrete to adobe, flawlessly. Stucco enclosures also help homes in arid climates achieve comfortable indoor temperatures year-round, typically reducing energy costs in both winter and summer. Moreover, stucco’s innate resilience decreases the likelihood of a home sustaining serious damage or wear-and-tear, and any damage that does occur can be resolved with minimal labor or cost by a professional. Certainly for projects in the Southwest, stucco remains the most trustworthy, widespread solution available today.      

Comprehensive stucco work enlivens a residence’s entire facade–yes, even the broader, “duller” stretches–while complementing the more pronounced features of the exterior, and that is exactly the depth of service we hope to display on every job. By maintaining divisions in the Las Vegas, NV and Tucson, AZ areas, we are able to serve clients throughout a significant portion of the Southwest daily without ever compromising on quality or efficiency. Contact us today to get started. 

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