Why Stucco Repair is Essential, Power House Plastering of Las Vegas

Stucco Repair and Your Home

Even if you aren’t familiar with everything stucco does, you have almost certainly benefitted from it in some way. Most residences in the Southwest rely on stucco coatings not only for the aesthetic enhancement and seamless finish it can provide but for its structural properties as well. Stucco finishes rarely crack, even in inclement weather, and can withstand the elements for decades before requiring replacement. Since stucco is particularly well-suited to regions, like southern Nevada, that receive little precipitation and rarely drop into frigid temperatures, home exteriors outfitted with stucco continue to go strong all throughout the summer months. Furthermore, stucco’s insulative properties help preserve a comfortable indoor environment while reducing energy costs as the fall and winter months roll around. In the event that damage does occur, stucco repair and proper stucco maintenance are therefore vital to ensuring the overall health and integrity of any desert home.  

While residential stucco work may be demanding, requiring constant physical exertion, attention to detail, and a good deal of patience, it allows homes and homeowners to thrive in an otherwise intimidating climate. All of the onsite personnel at Power House receive extensive job-specific and general construction training to instill personal accountability, an appreciation for constant communication among staff, and broader awareness of the site’s integrity and operations. By arranging for an efficient, safe environment over every foot of the work site, we are able to concentrate on delivering the flawless craftsmanship our clients have come to expect. Stucco’s versatility gives us an opportunity to assist homeowners and builders in a range of settings and formats, and having such a focused, well-disciplined team makes it that much easier for us to adapt to each client’s unique needs.       

Though we’re familiar with just how much effort goes into residential plastering, stucco’s low application cost and decorative appeal can often lead homeowners to believe it is one of the simpler tasks in the construction business. Before you set to sprucing up your home’s exterior all on your own, it is important to make sure you can access and treat the target area safely and comfortably for as long as it takes to complete the plastering process. Remember, if there is ever any doubt, it is best to leave it to the pros. Attempting stucco repair for even a relatively small segment of your home’s exterior can be laborious and, to a hazardous extent in the heat (or cold), exhausting. 

Give your home project the care that only the experts can provide, and contact Power House Plastering today. Call us at (702) 476-9797 to schedule an estimate and find out more about the Las Vegas valley’s top stucco subcontractor. 

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