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The Year-Round Value of Stucco

Don’t Wait to Repair Your Stucco!

For all of the extensive and often physically-demanding work that goes into home construction, ensuring that the materials builders put in place will last long enough to really be used should be the priority of any construction company. However, even we at Power House must acknowledge that eventually, wear and tear and outright damage are likely to occur for a large portion of homeowners, particularly after the type of inclimant weather that can roll through Southern Nevada. If your home’s exterior layer of stucco has begun to suffer the effects of gusts, rain, and dust storms, don’t put off repairs–call the stucco repair experts!

Stucco endows a range of protective (not to mention cost-saving) properties to structures, functioning as a fire retardant and an insulant that also happens to carry an unbeatable curb appeal. Consequently, any visible damage to your home’s exterior finish can lead to more serious repercussions on the interior environment and, at a certain point, compromise the integrity of the home. While nearly every material progressively degrades over time, stucco’s inherent resilience and widespread, versatile application allow most homeowners to go about their daily lives without ever worrying about whether their walls are in good shape. Unfortunately, that means that a lot of the stucco repair cases we respond to involve gaping flaws in the exterior, any of which on its own could tamper with a home’s indoor climate and cause real financial strain. Even if your home’s stucco has overcome some minor chipping, cracking, and/or breakage over the years, it is never a good idea to let easily-resolvable issues like these build up until they become major complications. 

If you’re unsure about the quality of your stucco, you can always schedule a check-up with our team. In addition to repairing stucco quickly and affordably, Power House can always lend a second opinion and give you an estimate on any stucco work you are considering for your home. Give us a call at (702) 476-9797 to learn more about the options available to you and setup a visit from our technicians. Most of all, remember to keep stucco repair top of mind as the winter months approach, and give your home the care and attention it deserves. 

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