Power House Plastering is Hiring in 2019

Power House is Hiring in 2019

As we prepare to celebrate our tenth anniversary this year, we would like to thank the clients and larger community that have allowed us to turn a local business into an industry leader. 2009 saw the construction industry face some long odds, particularly in Nevada, and we believed the only way to establish ourselves in a volatile market was to provide the highest-quality work on every job and always treat customers properly. Since then, we have had the privilege to expand our team and take on more work than ever before, but we still hold ourselves to those same, high standards of service and treat every project as a unique opportunity to show clients why our team is the best in the business. As one of Nevada’s top plastering firms, we believe it is our responsibility to always push ourselves and find the best new talent to join our staff. To help us continue our progress and make our anniversary year our most productive yet, we are looking to hire in 2019.

Putting together an efficient, successful construction crew requires a number of different positions and specialists. From scaffold setters to latherers, our plastering crew relies on strong onsite organization and focus from every worker. We hold compliance with OSHA regulations and jobsite safety to be the single most important part of our business, so every employee receives training in proper work procedure and communication before ever stepping into their new position. Furthermore, our team is based in the belief that attention to detail and efficiency are not “extras”; they are the foundation for any successful, reliable construction firm. We are currently looking to hire plasterers, latherers, and scaffold setters who will allow us to complete projects in a timely and precise fashion, and we are offering the highest rate-per-piece in our history for anyone looking to make our team stronger in 2019.

If you think you might be a good fit for the construction industry, we hope you’ll take a look at Power House Plastering and join the top plastering team in Las Vegas.

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