residential plastering projects completed by Power House, a stucco company

What Does a Stucco Company Really Do?

It’s our belief as a construction firm that professional stucco work should conform to each residence’s unique contours and design features, while preserving the exterior from wear and tear. Finding the right finish that can complement a structure’s overall appearance without breaking the bank may seem challenging at first, but stucco bridges the gap by combining versatility in application with real benefits to a home’s energy efficiency. Beyond stucco’s day-to-day function as a fire-resistant layer of protection with highly insulative properties, a well-applied stucco finish can boost a home’s personality with a natural look that is both affordable to install and sustainable long-term. 

Much of our job as a residential plastering company involves outfitting newly-constructed properties with durable coats of stucco, but almost any home–young or old–can benefit from an upgrade. Whether you’re planning a whole home remodel or just looking to liven up your curb appeal, there is sure to be an engaging and cost-effective solution available to you. Our management team and onsite technicians draw upon years of experience to help clients achieve the functionality and rich aesthetic that only an accomplished stucco company can deliver. Whatever design or arrangement our clients choose for their property forms the focal point of the entire plastering process, as our team strives to recreate that vision on a broad canvas. While stucco’s utility often leads to it being overlooked as an aesthetic element, there is plenty of proof throughout the Southwest to suggest that stucco homes just look better. At least, that’s our professional opinion!        

Hundreds of homebuilders and owners have trusted Power House to fulfill their projects, and we understand and respect the expectation of stellar plastering services that each client brings to us. If you are interested in scheduling a stucco repair or installation with the #1 stucco company in Las Vegas, call us at (702) 476-9797. We look forward to working with you. 

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